Sunday 4 May 2008


It has been a beautiful, sunny day in Dublin. Growth is lush in garden and park and the barbecue season has begun.

If there's one thing foxes love, it's a sunny spot for a snooze, and so it was today. A brown bundle could be seen beside the yellow privet, and I took it to be Halftail. Great was my surprise, and pleasure, to observe, when it got up and walked off, my old friend Ragtip! He strolled away towards the den area, and what's this? behind the spot where he had lain, another fox still lay, curled up in a cosy heap. After a few minutes, this one also got up, and it still wasn't Halftail, but a smallish, coppery fox with a perfect tail, round white tag.

Well, well, well! Ragtip and Roisin, still on the territory, and both headed for the den area! Our three adult foxes still on the job!

I'm amused at the coincidence (after yesterday's report) and delighted to see them.


Charlotte said...

Can you recommend a way to remove greenfly without using pesticides? I have a basil plant which has been thoroughly colonised. Kidnapping a ladybird would be my preferred methid, but I've seen none so far this year.

Foxwife said...

I don't think there is ant permanent cure for whitefly or greenfly on indoor basil. You probably have tried soapy water, either applied with a soft paintbrush (which mops off the insects) or just dipping the whole plant into dishwater!
a ladybird might help but I tried this one year and kept having to bring the ladybird back from other houseplants!
Ladybird LARVAE are said to be voracious consumers, but you may have to look hard to find them!

Foxwife said...

Actually, I heard somewhere that growing the plant outdoors will harden it's resistance to infestations and disease. You could try standing the pot in a sunny spot but you must remember to water it. A spoonful a day is the traditional quantity for basil.

Anonymous said...