Friday 1 May 2009

Rest in peace

I heard along the neighbourly grapevine how Stringfellow's story ended. We last saw him crawling along the hedge of the house directly behind mine, on a Monday. Evidently he had a way through, for the following Wednesday, the mother of that household found a dead fox about midday on the grass verge in front of her house. She found that a local vet would not dispose of the body free of charge, but the body was eventually removed by the DSPCA. The description corresponds exactly with poor Stringfellow, who apparently hung on for about 48 hours from when we saw him.
Mange is a horrible, horrible thing: material for another post!


Anonymous said...

Today is my first day to see the blog. I am surprised how touched I am at Stringfellow's demise and distressed at the mange that killed such a lovely creature. I read back also on the frogspawn and will sign in again to see how things develope. Blog informative and beautiful written. As a perenninal member of Weight Watchers the menu from the 1930s was mouthwatering - rabbit pie humm... Gabrielle

the wondering watcher said...

Well, thank you, Anon! The foxes would agree with you about rabbit pie!
time to put up some more material on The Tastebud Test!