Saturday 20 February 2010


Well today I saw a fox and about time too, say I. And was this fox sighted in the neighbourhood of our temporary abode? No, it was not. It was on a site visit to the rubble-strewn wasteland that is our real house, currently unoccupied.

Of course I had to check on my little ponds - (not a sign of frogspawn, thin sheets of ice) and the wall crossing beside the grass heap. At the latter a very strong smell of fox. Nothing to be seen in Martin's, though. I checked the shed and was glad to notice the underground entrances smooth as if from use. Looking over the back wall into Jackson's, I heard a scuffle and glancing to my left, glimpsed a large fox climbing to its feet and gracefully loping away. I could only see that it was a bright orangey colour, thickly furred (suitable for the coldest winter in 40 years!) and had a small neat white tail tag.

Well that did me the world of good, it has been far too long since I saw my totem animal. Of course we do see them at night if coming home late, etc. in the Dublin streets - but proper suburban dwellers seem to be missing from the nearby district where we now reside.

By the way the house is coming along nicely but the garden will need radical remodelling!

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