Wednesday 21 January 2009


A couple of days ago, my husband crossed the path of a fox just on the corner of this road at about 6.30 in the evening, dark of course.
He described this one as medium size and with a distinct 2-inch tag.

Earlier today I stood for some time at my bedroom window, entranced by the seething birdlife on the four feeders. Sparrows, robins, pigeons, collared dove, blue tits, coal tits, greenfinches, 3 male blackbirds, song thrush, vividly coloured chaffinch.
Mental note: birds love pastry!

Just as I watched, next door in Martin's a fine amber fox appeared briefly. I couldn't see the tail or any detail through the bushes and it soon went out of sight behind the golden privet, a traditional lying-up spot, covering the access to Behind-her-shed.

Some few minutes later, it re-emerged and crossed the area of fallen tree in her garden.
I got a reasonable good look: Large amber fox, thickly furred and no wonder with the bitter weather we've been having.

The tail tag was clearly marked, a neat white 2-inch cone. It could have been the one Patrick saw, it is definitely not Grizzle. Looks very healthy, no sign of mange.

After freezer cleaning there were some tidbits put out: last night was some cooked salmon, today some thawed chicken livers, too old for me.

I'm annoyed now to look out and see Cleo the cat feasting on liver!

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kate said...

The wildlife in that garden certainly do eat well! Pastry, chicken livers, what next? Vol-au-vents?