Tuesday 3 February 2009

A quick look

Snow on the ground and freezing temperatures. I stocked up on birdseed and peanuts for the bird feeders. I've put food out every night for foxes. Last night I had the bright idea of putting the dish under the garden table so that it wouldn't fill up with snow!
Pickings were slim, though. Had to throw on a handful of dry cat food, a new kind that Cleo doesn't like very much.

This afternoon about 3.30, a fox slipped into the Pit and came cautiously up the garden. (Did I explain before that The Pit is our family name for a low oval patio area screened from the house: so called because my father dug it out as a soil supply for levelling further up.)

Well, it's my friend with the pointy tail tag, henceforward to be called Snowcone. S/he spotted me moving at the kitchen window, and froze. So I froze. We stood freezing together...but reassured by my immobility, Snowcone explored the sadly empty fox-dish and went away to the grass-heap, where s/he leaped the wall at the traditional spot.

I feel it is my duty to mention here that the dead fox, adjacent to that spot, may have had a bit of dismemberment...ahem. Lost its head, in fact. Thank God for autumn colour, that's all I say.
Snowcone is a nice clear bronze fox, not very large, very healthy looking though probably hungry. Couldn't guess what sex, though I might hazard a certain feminine daintiness. The clearly separated conical tail tag is unmistakeable.

I'm always happy when I see a fox. It's lucky for me, a totem. SAD has lifted with the bright snow light, and foxes!

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